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The Inaugural F2C2 National Cluster Summit for a Thriving Farm and Fisheries Sector Breaks Ground

Embracing the vision of bolstering collaboration and synergy in the agricultural landscape, the inaugural National Cluster Summit under the Department of Agriculture-Farm and Fisheries Clustering and Consolidation (DA-F2C2) Program commenced on December 12, 2023, in the picturesque confines of Tagaytay City. This momentous event stands as a significant stride in the government's concerted efforts to advocate for the adoption of a robust clustering and consolidation strategy, fostering stronger connections among stakeholders.

Themed "Pagkaing Sapat, Ahon Lahat," the Summit sets the stage for the cultivation of partnerships and serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, networking, and inspiration. It embodies a collective endeavor towards growth, learning, and unlearning within the agricultural domain.

Initiated in 2020 through DA Administrative Order No. 27, the F2C2 Program is designed to harness economies of scale, fortify linkages across producers and global markets, and empower producers with enhanced bargaining and market prowess.

Participating in this pivotal event are agricultural cooperatives and pilot clusters integral to the program's success, representing the diversity and richness of agricultural practices across the 13 regions of the Philippines.

Leading the helm of the Farm and Fisheries Clustering and Consolidation Program is Shandy Hubilla, spearheading the endeavor to create a unified and robust framework for agricultural development.

During the summit, Project Zacchaeus’ Farm Konekt took center stage as a presenter, showcasing Best Practices in Clustering and Consolidation. CEO John Vincent Gastanes led the presentation, shedding light on the evolution of Project Zacchaeus and Farm Konekt, from its modest beginnings to its current stature. Alongside Gastanes were Mitchell Gimena, Chairman of Project Zacchaeus, Farm Konekt’s Strategic Partnerships Lead Abraham Diaz, and Sales Executive Rexelle Jake Bayan, collectively demonstrating the journey of Farm Konekt, including its pioneering efforts in facilitating halal trading partnerships with the Government of Brunei.

This profound gathering exemplifies a pivotal moment in the collaborative trajectory of the agricultural sector, fostering unity, innovation, and progress in the pursuit of sustainable agricultural development.

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