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The Farm Konek team is thankful for delivering 30 tons of squash to Palawan from Mindanao.

The shortage of vegetables, caused by prolonged rain and flooding in southern farmlands, has greatly impacted the food supply in the province.

Farm Konek's nnovative app effectively tracks food supply, identifying both shortage and surplus areas for specific crops.

And with its well-established supply chain, it was able to facilitate transactions that address supply gaps in cities and provinces across the Philippines.

Though the project is just beginning, it is optimistic about its potential to make a positive impact not only in the Philippines, but also in other parts of Asia.

This achievement demonstrates Farm Konek's mission to balance demand and supply throughout the Philippines.

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Project Zacchaeus' Eco Kolek and Farm Konek Projects were presented during the official launching of Bataraza Learning and Innovation Hub.

Eco Kolek was presented by Brian Agustin who explained the importance of Solid Waste Management and shared how our Eco-Warriors are making a difference in Puerto Princesa by collecting plastics in households and various establishments around the city.

Dennis Garangao, Agriculture Engineer of PZC's Farm Konek shared the project's unique features through its online app. He reiterated the benefits of enrolling in the platform and being included as part of a clustering group.

Local LGU members, farmers, and department heads listened to the presentation and are hopeful for the upcoming partnership with Project Zacchaeus, especially on the impact that it will make both in agriculture and the environment.

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Project Zacchaeus and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. forged a partnership to build the Eco Kolek Learning Site which aims to address the societal gaps among the marginalized community of informal waste collectors.

This partnership will continue to empower the Eco Warriors and its capacity-building programs which were initially created under PZC and USAID partnership.

This project is an infrastructure that will enter into various stakeholders in need of a learning site for community-based entrepreneurial opportunities related to waste management and material recovery.

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