CCBO and Project Zacch (PZC) works together to develop a curriculum on Interpersonal Communication (IPC). This step-by-step curriculum manual will guide Project Zacch to effectively conduct IPC trainings for its Eco Warriors (and other community grassroot partners).

IPC is among the social and behavioural change (SBC) strategies of PZC to promote SWM by enhancing Eco Warrior’s skills in communication, and boost their self-confidence when dealing with people, especially during their operations to collect recyclables with household and business establishments.

This Manual aims to guide other community-based organizations and social enterprises who also have a heart in empowering informal waste collectors (IWCs) to become community leader partners in addressing SWM concerns.


Thank you USAID and CCBO for tour continuous support to our Eco Kolek Project.

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Updated: Apr 29

5.4 tons of used paper from a local printing press have been collected by our Eco-Warriors during the trial run of Project Eco Kolek.

The said quantity was collected for 3 days by 6 of its volunteer members who experienced actual collection efforts using their uniforms and the vehicles given by USAID to the project.

The activity motivated the Eco-Warriors to give their best as they saw how much potential this project can impact their lives and their families.

They are looking forward to the full operation of Eco Kolek which will involve a wider scope of collection from various communities all over the city which will mobilize and empower the entire team of Eco-Warriors.

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Updated: Apr 20

A thorough orientation for the Eco Kolek Project Rules and Regulations was given to the Eco-Warriors in preparation for its trial operations this month.

This activity has given clarifications and has laid down standards that need to be maintained for the equipment, facility, and for attitude of each Eco-Warrior who is involved in the project at any given time.

They were given copies of the discussion points and were given the freedom to ask questions from the project facilitators on matters that they want to be clarified.

"We are indeed thankful for the interest and sacrifices of our Eco-Warriors for the training we are conducting for them week after week, they are always excited!"

- Brian Agustin, Eco Kolek Operations Officer.

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