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Palawan Seeking More Help for 22,000 Families Affected by Odette

22,000 families were affected by Super Typhoon Odette in Palawan during its landfall on December 17, 2021. Many have lost their homes, livestock, farms, and loved ones. With this, we are asking for your support.

Our team of servant leaders and volunteers go to affected communities daily traveling hours to reach the farthest northern barangays to deliver assistance to those who were severely affected by the typhoon. It is heartbreaking to see people living under the debris of their wrecked homes, by this, we feel the urgency to respond.

You may donate Php 2,500 (USD 50) to support one family for 2-week food sustenance. We are knocking at your doorsteps to become a channel of hope through the kindness of your hearts.

Below are the Support Channels you can utilize:

1 Gcash: 0966 552 0582 (Jofer Joy Malolos) 2 PNB Acct# 1488-70007104 (Project Zacchaeus) 3 PayPal: @mitchellgimena /

Kindly message our Facebook Page and send the confirmation copy of your donation so we can thank you wholeheartedly.

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