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PALAWAN Needs Your Help!

PALAWAN NEEDS YOU! Our province was declared under the State of Calamity after Super Typhoon Odette traversed our path on December 17, 2021. More than 17,000 families were affected losing their homes, animals, small fishing boats, and other sources of livelihood. There were reported deaths mostly from the rural and coastal areas.

With the fast recovery efforts being done by the government, the entire island is slowly regaining electricity, water, phone signal and internet. However, the damages to Odette’s victims leave us all speechless.

We need your HELP. You may send whatever amount to help us deploy as much food and other necessities to our affected communities. Below are the ways you can send your support:


0966 552 0582

Jofer Joy M



Project Zacchaeus

Or message us for further information.

Thank you.

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