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Eco Kolek Joins Forces with Mayor Lucilo Bayron to Launch "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" Program

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Puerto Princesa, Palawan - In a resolute effort to combat waste pollution and protect the pristine beauty of Puerto Princesa Bays, our Eco Kolek project, has teamed up with Mayor Lucilo Bayron and his team to launch the "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" program. The initiative aims to promote segregation at source and address the pressing issue of plastic pollution that threatens the city's coastal ecosystems.

During a momentous coordination meeting with various stakeholders, Eco Kolek seized the opportunity to share their mission and vision for a cleaner and more sustainable future. The meeting showcased a spirit of collaboration, with barangay LGUs, private sectors, academe, civic organizations, media, and other stakeholders coming together in support of the cause.

Emphasizing the significance of working hand in hand, Eco Kolek's representatives stressed the importance of empowering their Eco Warriors – dedicated individuals at the forefront of the movement. By nurturing and supporting these warriors, the organization aims to protect the well-being of the Puerto Princesa Bays and its inhabitants.

The "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" program emphasizes the urgent need to promote segregation at source at both the household and establishment levels. With the support of USAID Philippines #CCBO and Project Zacchaeus Eco Kolek, the initiative strives to amplify its reach and influence, igniting a collective effort toward environmental sustainability and marine conservation.

The partnership between Eco Kolek and Mayor Lucilo Bayron is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. The two entities aim to create a cleaner, healthier future for Puerto Princesa, where environmental preservation is at the forefront of every endeavor.

As Eco Kolek's call to action resonates across the city, Puerto Princesa's residents are invited to join hands in the journey towards a greener and more vibrant tomorrow. With the "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" program as their guiding light, the city's residents and stakeholders are poised to make a meaningful impact in the battle against plastic pollution and safeguard the precious bays for generations to come.

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