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PZC Participates in the 19th Love Affair with Nature

Project Zacchaeus team celebrates Love Affair with Nature (LAWN) with the theme "A Vow to Fight Climate Change," this valentines.

Morethan 7,000 seedlings of various species of mangroves have been planted along the coastline of Sitio Bucana, Iwahig, Puerto Princesa.

This event is a yearly gathering of environmental enthusiasts to give back to nature in response to making the entire city green and resilient to the effects of climate change.

In 2005, City Ordinance No. 287 declared February 14 as an annual LAWN activity enjoining the public and the private sector, including ordinary citizens.

Now on its 19th year, thousands still took part in the activity as it has been cancelled for three years since the pandemic.

Aside from planting mangroves, the event was highlighted with a mass wedding of 109 couples signifying their pledge of love and committment with each other.

LAWN was jointly organised by the local government of Puerto Princesa and the City Department of Environment and Natural Resources Office.

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