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PZC Hosts Innovative Servant Leadership Labs Training for Emerging Eco Warriors

In a groundbreaking session aimed at enhancing leadership qualities among budding environmentalists, PZC successfully conducted its Servant Leadership Labs training, integrating BBEST activities specifically tailored for the newly formed group of Eco Warriors. The training event took place in an interactive environment where both male and female leaders participated enthusiastically, with 9 men and 14 women in attendance.

Cultivating Self-Awareness through the "Tree of Life" Activity

A key component of the training was the 'tree of life' activity, designed to foster deep personal insights and group cohesion. Participants were guided through a reflective process where they explored their past experiences, assessed their present situations, and envisioned their future aspirations. This activity not only served as an icebreaker but also as a profound exercise in self-awareness and team-building.

Emphasizing Courage in Leadership

During the session, courage was highlighted as an indispensable trait for leadership, especially in the context of environmental advocacy. The Eco Warriors collectively recognized the importance of bravery not just in their personal lives but also in their relentless pursuit of environmental goals. This realization helped cement the attribute of courage as a foundational pillar for their ongoing development as leaders.

"May Pangarap" - A New Symbol of Commitment

In a symbolic and creative endeavor, PZC and the Eco Warriors collaborated to create 'May Pangarap,' a representation of their unity and shared vision. 'May Pangarap,' which translates to 'With a Dream,' was designed to be a constant companion for the Eco Warriors throughout their training journey, symbolizing their commitment to the cause and to each other. This emblem serves as a daily reminder of their responsibilities and the collective journey they are on to make a significant impact.

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