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PSA Presents Most Recent Economic Data

Grateful for the privilege to be invited to the Philippine Statistics Authority’s Provincial Product Accounts (PPA) Dissemination Forum. This account is the most recent economic performance data of Palawan and Puerto Princesa City covering 2019-2021.

Palawan and City LGU are among the pilot provinces and cities of PSA to conduct and analyze the provincial- and city-level economic outlook. For the past years, this information generally applies in the regional context; now, it’s more localized — providing the LGUs a more specific, high-quality, and timely data which are crucial for us, our leaders, policymakers, private sectors, and other stakeholders as we co-create, co-design, and co-innovate appropriate projects, platforms, and programs to restore progress toward a strong and sustainable economic growth for Palawan.

The recent economic outlook gives us a macro-level picture and understanding of Palawan’s economy. And at the same time, provides us with necessary information on what sectors, industries, and services we should prioritize.

This will help us regenerate our efforts and resources towards more collaborative partnerships to maneuver our way back for us to rebound and recover from the impact of the pandemic and Typhoon Odette, among others, and achieve inclusive growth and the net zero-goal environment — not only for Palaweños but to our adjacent regions as well.

PPA will be up on the PSA’s website in weeks' time. And am glad because our economy has now been slowly bouncing back. We still have a lot to do, though, but I believe we will get there. We just need to continue to walk the talk together.

PZC's She Roa was able to update what the company has achieved with its Eco Kolek and Farm Konek projects to the Provincial Chief Statistical Specialist Lalaine Rodriguez, Assistant National Statistician Vivian Ilarina representing the PSA’s Undersecretary Mapa, and the PSA Regional Director Leni Rioflorido.

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