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Farm Konekt Runs a Crash Course on Digital Clustering at F2C2 Event in Tagaytay

Farm Konekt shared its pioneering initiatives at the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Farm and Fisheries Clustering and Consolidation Program (F2C2) First Regional Cluster Summit with the theme: “F2C2: A Strategy for Sustained Rural Development” held at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Tagaytay City on August 29th. Spearheaded by CEO John Vincent Gastanes, Farm Konekt introduced a digital approach to revolutionize farming and foster economic cooperation.

Gathering agri-cooperatives, DA officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private sector representatives, the event was a testament to Farm Konekt's commitment to a comprehensive ecosystem. CEO John Gastanes, an innovator at heart, led the Farm Konekt team in sharing insights on digital agri-clustering, a strategic path to unite farmers, officials, and organizations on a collaborative platform.

John Gastanes shared, "Our goal transcends technology; it's about fostering a network that empowers farmers and ensures sustainable agriculture." He emphasized the significance of partnerships with agri-cooperatives, DA officials, NGOs, and the private sector, showcasing Farm Konekt's resolve to nurture a cohesive environment for agricultural progress.

The event underscored Farm Konekt's readiness to facilitate seamless integration into its ecosystem. The team provided an abridged course on digital agri-clustering. This strategic initiative streamlines processes, enhances cooperation, and elevates agricultural productivity.

John Gastanes conveyed gratitude to DA F2C2 for nurturing the relationship between the private sector and the agriculture domain. He revealed, "Our partnership with the Department of Agriculture forms the foundation of our collaboration. We aim to cluster cooperatives across the Philippines, creating a network that propels everyone toward prosperity."

Beyond local horizons, Farm Konekt embarked on an ambitious expansion into the BIMP-EAGA region. John Gastanes passionately highlighted Palawan's strategic role as an international trade hub. He asserted, "Palawan's proximity to Brunei and Malaysia positions it as an ideal international port, opening doors for farmers to access wider markets and better commodity pricing."

Farm Konekt's journey is deeply intertwined with its commitment to collaboration with DA. John Gastanes shared the ongoing effort of hiring personnel for Occidental Mindoro, reflecting the company's intent to unite farmers into a harmonious network. This cooperative ethos embodies Farm Konekt's mission and the unity driving their monumental endeavor.

The F2C2 event was a pivotal stride in Farm Konekt's endeavor to revolutionize the agricultural sector. The company's partnership with Pure Fresh, a global high-value crop and fishery buyer, marked a significant leap. John Gastanes affirmed, "This isn't just about us, but about all of you in MIMAROPA." The event serves as a beacon of Farm Konekt's journey thus far and a precursor to an exciting, transformative future.

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