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Eco Kolek Secures Driver's Licenses for Waste Collectors: Empowering the Eco Warriors

Eco Kolek is a project in Puerto Princesa that empowers waste pickers and promotes sustainable waste management practices. Recently, the project achieved a major milestone by securing driver's licenses for its waste collectors, also known as the Eco Warriors.

The Eco Warriors are a group of waste pickers who are trained and equipped to collect waste from various locations in Puerto Princesa, including households, restaurants, and offices. They use tricycles to transport the waste they collect to designated collection points where it is sorted and prepared for recycling.

Prior to securing driver's licenses, the Eco Warriors faced many challenges in transporting waste, including legal restrictions on driving without a license. This made it difficult for them to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, limiting their ability to collect and transport waste to the designated collection points.

Recognizing the importance of having driver's licenses, Eco Kolek worked with the relevant government agencies to secure licenses for the Eco Warriors. The process involved training and testing to ensure that the Eco Warriors met the necessary requirements for driving and transporting waste.

With the driver's licenses in hand, the Eco Warriors are now able to carry out their duties more effectively, collecting and transporting waste in a timely and efficient manner. They are also able to travel to more locations to collect waste, expanding the reach of the project and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

The issuance of driver's licenses is a significant achievement for the Eco Kolek project and its waste collectors. It not only empowers the Eco Warriors but also provides an opportunity for them to earn a livelihood while contributing to the environment and the community.

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