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Amazing things are happening in our Eco Kolek community.

Did you know that Robinsons Supermarket and Go Hotels are officially partnering with us for scheduled pick-ups together with LGU to ensure that the recyclables are separated and collected? Our Eco Warriors are also empowered to teach their staff to be aware of waste characterization.

Thank you to USAID  #CleanCitiesBlueOcean for facilitating this powerful collaboration and discussing this with the Robinsons’ top management.

To consider Eco Kolek as one of the prototypes in creating inclusive business models with informal waste pickers while addressing plastic pollution and promoting waste segregation at source.

We are initially increasing the value economically of IWC’s involved in our business model. Looking forward to accelerating bigger funding and investment support to open opportunities for informal waste collectors.

From $334,000 dollars worth of initial value-adding funding, we look forward to increasing it within the year to accelerate support to communities in addressing ocean plastics and inclusivity in waste management. One Ecosystem!

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