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An ESG and impact-focused community-based and farm management platform for inventory management and tech-driven, data-centric clustered fair trade production.

The business model aims to create a sustainable clustered production of high-value and lowland vegetables through data-driven clustered and climate-proof production among smallholder farmers living below the poverty line.

Aside from creating a sustainable business model and data-driven production the project will also help create a women-operated Omni-Channel platform that is scalable all over the Philippines.

Looking at the 12 key priority strategies of the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the Philippines, the identified gaps are aligned with the following areas:


• Strengthening post-harvest, processing, logistics, and marketing support;

• Upscaling implementation of digital agriculture; and

• Intensifying implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.


To bridge the determined agricultural societal gaps, Project Zacchaeus (PZC) in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Government of Palawan, and LGU of Puerto Princesa City created a :

(1) ICT-based data aggregator that covers a real-time database of agriculture-related clustered production information that is crucial in the forecasting of agricultural supply and demand and decision-making;


(2) Establish stronger capacity building and logistical support system using digital marketing strategies, and develop a sustainable community-based post-harvest support system to prevent spoilage and mishandling of products that include women empowerment.

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